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A Nutritional Tonic for Your Heart: Herbal Blends

Do you have a healthy heart? With heart disease being the leading cause of death in both men and women, it’s likely that you could be one of many folks reading this article that struggles in the heart health area.

Whether you want to get heart-healthy or stay heart-healthy, we’re here to help! The below combination of natural ingredients forms a “nutritional tonic” for the heart. The use of this blend may help prevent and/or reduce the severity and symptoms of many heart disease-related conditions.*

HAWTHORN BERRY  - functions by dilating the blood vessels away from the heart, thereby lowering the blood pressure and reducing the burden placed on the heart. It also increases enzyme metabolism in the heart muscle, leading to better coronary health. In a study of patients with coronary perfusion disorder, the subjects experienced a 77 percent reduction in oxygen utilization with the herb compared to a 25 percent reduction with standard forms of treatment.

This study confirmed the oxygen-saving effect of Hawthorn extract on the heart muscle under stress. In almost all patients with primary heart disease, Hawthorn extract produces an improvement in heart dynamics. In patients with secondary heart disease the effect is not as great in terms of the number of cases helped, but significant effects are seen in those cases that were helped. The herb has also helped patients whose heart disease is caused by hepatitis or other liver disease. Hawthorn possesses marked vasodilatory action, and lowers peripheral resistance to blood flow.

A recent study has also shown that Hawthorn extended the lives of patients with congestive heart failure, who were already receiving medical treatment, by an average of 4 months. Patients in the trial had severely impaired left ventricular function, indicating advanced congestive heart failure. 

The primary goal of the study was time to first cardiac event, defined as sudden cardiac death, death due to progressive heart failure, fatal and nonfatal heart attacks or hospitalization due to heart failure.  Researchers found that patients who received the extract had a 20 percent reduction in cardiac-related deaths, which translated into four months of added survival time during the first 18 months of the study.  They said the lower number of deaths compared with those who received placebo on top of their regular medicines was an indication of the safety of the extract.

"It postpones death of cardiac cause after 18 months and sudden cardiac death in an important subgroup of patients," said Dr. Christian Holubarsh, lead investigator of the study that was sponsored by the Germany-based Dr. Willmar Schwabe Group.  

MOTHERWORT  - is one of those plants that has somehow found its way into native medical lore in every corner of the earth from Russia to Rumania, from America to Asia. As a cardiac tonic, Motherwort has been show to be hypotensive, sedative and antispasmodic. It calms palpitations and normalizes heart function in general. Motherwort extract has been shown to improve several aspects of coronary health.

ROSEMARY LEAF  - derivatives possess considerable smooth muscle stimulant activity (and some analgesic activity). The herb calms and sooths irritated nerves and upset stomach, and extinguishes strenuous anxiety.

KELP  - has proven nutritive, antibiotic and hypotensive properties, all of which enhance the cardiotonic effectiveness of the blend.

CAYENNE  - is the primary stimulant in the blend. Its presence assures the delivery of the other active principles to the vital systems of the body. In addition, it does contain important nutrients for the health of the circulatory system such as Vitamin C, minerals and other nutrients.

While each of these ingredients possesses great nutritional value on its own, to reap the most benefits you should use them in combination. Isn’t it time you got heart healthy?

* Consult your physician for any of these conditions. This blend is intended for long-term heart health and not to “cure” acute episodes.

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