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Attention Men: Beware of Hidden Threats to Your Testosterone

To balance or not to balance; that is the question. Well, maybe not to Shakespeare, but for men seeking ultimate health and optimizing their hormonal system, it is indeed the question at hand. The optimum balance for men is a scale tipped heavily in favor of testosterone. This is not to say estrogen isn’t important, or doesn’t have a place in a man’s body; but men want to weigh more heavily on the side of testosterone. Keep reading to find out the benefits of elevating you testosterone levels.

Just look at the benefits of elevating you testosterone levels: Increased sex drive, increased lean muscle mass, decreased fat stores, more energy, and so on. Part of the problem is that if testosterone is in excess, it will be converted into estrogen in your body in order to keep the natural balance. Therefore a three pronged approach must be implemented: increase testosterone production, decrease estrogen production and detoxify to assist in proper hormonal production and tolerance.

Step 1 - Increase Testosterone: To pump up the production of your male sex hormone first look to your diet. Foods containing zinc, as well as supplemental zinc, have been shown to increase testosterone levels as well as libido. We’ve all heard of Don Juan eating oysters as an aphrodisiac. Oysters, being extremely high in zinc, are just one example of a food that can increase testosterone, and as an added benefit increased sex life also heightens testosterone levels. Further recommendations in this step include moderate exercise, especially strength training and ensuring a good night’s sleep of 7-9 hours. Decreasing junk foods, trans and saturated fats, sugar, refined carbs and alcohol can all help your body pump out more male hormones as well.

Step 2 – Decrease Estrogen: This step involves food to seek more of, as well as food to avoid. In addition to the foods to avoid listed above in Step 1, also avoid soy products. Soy, when eaten too often or in too much quantity, can have an estrogen-raising effect in both men and women. This is due to high content of phytoestrogens, which can react with our own estrogen receptors. Be a watchful consumer because many products contain soy products, and just as many do not list soy in the ingredients list, but list the potential for soy in the product elsewhere on the label. On the flip side, leafy green vegetables and cruciferous vegetables have chemical compounds that can flush out estrogenic by-products and waste.

Step 3 – Detoxify: You can assist in proper hormonal balance by cleansing your internal organs. It helps to think of the internal organs as a system, rather than individual internal organs. When one organ stops working properly due to toxic overload, it forces the burden onto the other internal organs or inhibits them from doing their job. The liver, kidneys, adrenals and even the intestines can mess with your hormonal production if they’re not working up to par, and even one of them can ruin the efficiency of the entire unit.

The answer then, to our initial question is to balance, because no matter what you do, your body will find balance for your hormones. Your primary concern is to maintain optimal internal function so it is easier for your body to create internal balance. Eat healthy and hearty, exercise and stay active, trust that your genetics will find the optimal balance for your health . . . after all it has been doing this job for millions of years.

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