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Diet Profiler: The 5-Factor Diet

With all the diet plans and weight-loss methods out there today, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Seriously, how many diets have you tried in your lifetime? Could you count them on one hand? I know I couldn’t! From pills and programs to fads and trends, it seems the options are endless . . . but which ones work? Let’s take a look at one diet plan that’s gaining popularity: the 5-Factor Diet.

Who Created the 5-Factor Diet?

A man named Harley Pasternak is the creator of the 5-Factor Diet. He is a well-known fitness “trainer to the stars” and he has made the media circuit including such talk shows as The Tyra Banks Show and Oprah. Celebrities seem to trust this diet as it has been used by Jessica Simpson, John Mayer, Halle Berry and Mandy Moore to name a few.

Fad or For Real?

The good news is that this diet would not necessarily be categorized as a fad diet for a number of reasons. This diet is really a lifestyle change. It provides you with numerous healthy eating guidelines, it recommends a wide variety of foods from all of the different food groups and you can adapt this diet so that it fits your preferences. Plus, this diet actually recommends that you exercise. These are hallmark signs of a sound diet plan.

Did Pasternak come up with anything new or revolutionary? Not really! He used good old nutrition basics, science and common sense. This diet is really all about making good food choices and eating properly. So be warned: if you are looking for a “magic plan,” this diet is not for you.

The Low Down – What is it All About?

The basic principle to the 5-Factor Diet is to eat five meals a day, every day, and that those meals need to be made up of five components: a sugar-free drink, a good fat, fiber, a lean protein and a complex carbohydrate. The food choices that are recommended in the book are based on the Glycemic Index. This is the index that rates foods based on the effect they have on blood sugar levels. A mixture of foods that have a low Glycemic Index rating mixed with high fiber foods helps to control cravings and stop overeating because it keeps the blood sugar levels constant.

The second part of the diet plan is exercise. Pasternak and the USDA both recommend that you should do some form of exercise five days a week. Pasternak recommends five different exercises, each of which should be done for five minutes each (are you getting the “5-Factor” here?). The book includes photos and step by step instruction.

Is This Diet for You?

If you are too busy to take the time to prepare your own meals ahead of time and take them to work or school and you can’t eat every three to four hours this diet plan is not for you.

If you have tried other diets and you are tired of feeling deprived and frustrated by the stringent restrictions of typical diets, you will most likely enjoy this diet and probably be successful with it. Or, if you are one of those people just looking for a way to make better food choices but don’t really want to follow a diet plan, the 5-Factor Diet will benefit you as well. What’s even better? This diet actually has a “cheat day” involved. Ok – I’m sold!

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