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The Alternative Health Journal invites you to upload your own health-related articles and videos!

All of us here at AHJ love to read the heartfelt, touching, and sometimes funny testimonials we get from our members about their health experiences. We know that sharing health stories can help others so we've made it easy for you to upload your own articles or essays.

We also believe a picture is worth a thousand words, and want to invite you to share your health experiences in a video format. All you need is a video camera and a willingness to tell the world your health story.

Your testimonials are our inspiration every day for providing you the best alternative health experience we can. So go ahead and tell us, how did you start your quest for an alternative healthy lifestyle?

•    Were you amazed by some alternative health remedy?
•    Did you experience a healing process with an alternative health practitioner?
•    What's your favorite alternative health therapy?
•    Did we write something or show a video that you resonated with?
•    Whatever it is, tell us about it!

Feel free to be creative -- add special effects or tell it to us straight. Just make sure it's about alternative health, and it's instructional, informative or educational.  Each video file size needs to be 25 MB or less, which is approximately 5 minutes or less in length.

We'll showcase our favorite videos and articles on the Alternative Health Journal — and you may even see yourself featured on our homepage or in the newsletter!

Please note: All submissions are reviewed but not every submission is accepted. Once you submit your health story, it will be reviewed; if your article or video gets rejected, you will have the ability to edit it from "My Profile" and then resubmit it for approval. Keep in mind, no changes can be made once your article or video is approved.

It's easy to upload a video or article, here are the Submission Guidelines.


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