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A big part of our community on AHJ is the members who regularly contribute by uploading their articles, essays, and videos. If you're an alternative health practitioner, by all means, become a contributor!

I love exercising, eating healthy, reading, writing, blogging, playing sports, and of course hanging out with friends.
I worked as an environmental journalist on the program IMPACT, I earned an EdD in Educational Psychology, I taught English Composition/Literature, I am now a certified massage therapis.
There are all these labels that describe me: public speaker, psychotherapist, career coach, futurist, and writer. What connects them all is my mission in life. What I care most deeply about is helping you master change so that you can make authentic choices on a day to day to day basis. Through my work, you will achieve this by utilizing tools I've devised that eliminate the need to use crisis as a catalyst for moving forward.

I was the poster child for 'the change-impaired'. Even after three near-fatal experiences, I still find making big changes a challenge. Fortunately, I created a seven-stage change model that helps access the wisdom and courage to change now without the trauma and drama. For those of you who suffer like I did from a 'rut producing fear of the unknown', I provide a light at the end of your tunnel through my coaching, public speaking, workshops, and CD's.

My name is Pamela Heyen and I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Heyen Wellness Therapies is located in the lower level of my home. My husband of 32 years and I have lived in Columbia, Missouri for over 25 years. We share our home with two labrador retrievers, Ginger and Buck, as well as two cats, Sissy and Whitey. We also have two sons, both married and one grandson.
My focus is in the motivational, inspirational, and body/mind/spirit category.
I live in Pacific Northwest and enjoy hiking. I've hiked all over the U.S. and Canada. I work at REI during the day.
Hello, my name is Jon Rhodes and I am a clinical hypnotherapist hailing from the UK.
My passion is the ocean: scuba diving, surfing, swimming, and boating. I live in a small town in California but have a big garden and grow most of my own food.
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Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah ,Iran


Perry A~ is the author of Living Clay: Nature's Own Miracle Cure, and is an expert in the field of healing clay and pelotherapy.
I would classify myself as an urban naturalist. Though it may seem a contratidtion in terms, it is an adaption to the requirements of modern life.
Katya Chobotova and  Fadzilah Adibah Abdul Majid are working in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) researching traditional medicinal plants and formulations for health and beauty.

Dr. Alex Shikhman is medical director for Restorative Remedies, a newly formed nutraceutical company in San Diego. The company offers an extensive line of professional-grade, chemically pure food supplements and herbal preparations focused on arthritis, inflammatory and metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases, and immune system issues and related conditions. Each ingredient has been meticulously researched and selected by Dr. Shikhman to create products with unique composition, improved absorption capacity and optimized strength. These products are being manufactured at top certified nutraceutical facilities and produced in accordance with FDA requirements.

Cheryl McCoy manages the website, an information and educational resource for the various uses of healing clay. 

Hi my name is Dave; I am a website developer currently living in Venice California. Originally from CT; I have lived up and down the east coast. New to California and the west coast I have been enjoying myself by site seeing and making new friends.

I work with Crier Communications, which represents a number of healthy lifestyle and organic and all-natural food companies.
"Having once been a Hypnotherapist's client myself, I know first hand how life changing Hypnotherapy can be. The changes I experienced in my own life were so uplifting that I decided that I needed to share Hypnotherapy with others. This isn't just a job for me but a true passion for helping people."   Sasha Carrion, CHT
I happen to work in the health industry.  I would like to share my expertise and experience in natural health and supplements.
My name is Al Laufer and I have been in the Direct Marketing Biz for 30 years. I'm very interested in alternative health.
Dr. Jose Rocca is executive Vice President of Research and Development for Solara, Inc.  He holds his Ph.D in Pharmacology and is a Registered Pharmacist with more than 20 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Sector.  He is an expert at pharmaceutical/nutraceutical formulation and product development, and is the inventor of EZ MELTS, the first and only line of Oral Disintegrating (Fast Melting) Tablets for the Nutraceutical sector.

Between 1991 and 1996 I underwent four bouts of bone cancer. Initially I was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma and given six months to live. I was 32, and my sons were aged two and six months. I was determined to live. I researched how survivors of terminal illnesses survived, and the common thread was meditation and visualization. So I  meditated three times a day and in  six months I was cancer free. Unfortunately, the cancer relapsed three times during the next five years. The doctors put me through two bone marrow transplants, but the disease relaped again. In the middle of  this process I decided to go deeper into meditation and contacted a kung fu master from Boston. He took me on as his personal student and taught me the secrets of qigong--chinese mind/body exercises designed to boost energy in the body. I practiced several  hours a day and I beat the disease. I've been cancer-free for twelve years and I continue to practice every day. My oncologist calls  me her "miracle man" and says that according to medical science, I shouldn't be alive. My sons are aged 21 and 18. I met my goal of seeing them grow up to be men.

A health guru in my own right.

Book Author and Article Writer
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