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DicQie Fuller-Looney, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D.

DicQie Fuller-Looney, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D.

Dr. Fuller-Looney is a Doctor of Nutrition and Health Sciences with decades of experience using plant enzymes in clinical practice.

Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney, Ph.D., D.Sc., ND, is President and Founder of Transformation Enzyme Corporation.

With more than 30 years of clinical experience studying nutrition and its role in healing the body from disease and pain, Dr. Fuller-Looney is a leading expert specializing in enzyme therapy and nutrition. After discovering that enzymes are as important to health and longevity as vitamins and minerals, she founded Transformation Enzyme Corporation and is a popular spokesperson in the field. 

She has appeared on ABC, PBS, and several national radio talk shows. Her significant contribution to the rapidly growing awareness of the importance of specific therapies, enzymes, and nutrition has been honored repeatedly. Dr. Fuller-Looney holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition and Health Sciences and has been published extensively, including two of her own books The Healing Power of Enzymes and Living Longer: Questions You Never Thought to Ask and Questions You Can't Live Without.

Her personal commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and optimal digestion has turned her personal quest into her vocation. Transformation Enzyme Corporation uses every available resource to stay on the leading edge of clinical nutritional science, thereby providing the healthcare community with the highest quality products, research, and protocol.

Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney also speaks on women’s health issues with special emphasis on stress reduction, natural hormone replacement options, and supplemental digestive enzyme protocols. She speaks to both the public and to healthcare professionals in a variety of venues.

Founder and President

  • Transformation Enzyme Corporation

  • Transformation Enzyme Therapy Center

Speech Topics

  • Women’s Health Issues

  • General Nutrition and Enzyme Therapy

  • Weight Loss and Weight Management

  • Body Typing

  • Darkfield Microscopy

  • Advanced Enzyme Therapy and Nutrition

  • Biological Terrain Assessment


  • Women’s Health, 2003

  • The Healing Power of Enzymes, 1998

  • Living Longer: Questions You Never Knew to Ask, Answers You Can’t Live Without, 1996


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