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Phillipe Moser, Doctor of Pharmacy

Phillipe Moser, Doctor of Pharmacy

Dr. Moser is a clinician, researcher, world traveler, entrepreneur, and author with a hard-earned reputation as one of the world's leading authorities on natural healing.

Dr. Phillipe Moser is a pharmacist and world renowned researcher in natural medicine. He began his career in France in 1973 and has since studied immunology, herbology, micro-nutrition and homeopathy. He has spent the last 30 years creating cutting-edge botanical and nutrient based formulas to free the body from disease and promote optimum health.

Dr. Moser is known for his independence and down-to-earth personality. Often years ahead of the conventional medical establishment, he has traveled worldwide to locate, evaluate, formulate, and write about proven treatments and cures for practically every major health concern today. Currently he is Chief Pharmacist and Homeopath at Vitarich Laboratories.

Until 1978, Dr. Moser operated the largest non-invasive alternative medical practice in Nice, France. In 1987 he sold his clinic and devoted his full time and energy to sharing his health discoveries from around the world through his books and publications. Dr. Moser authored eight books on topics ranging from toxin removal to weight loss and nutrition. He writes for an audience of millions about the most promising new therapies he's uncovered and provides clear guidelines for using those therapies safely.

Motivated by his philosophy that the body's innate healing capabilities need to be supported with sound natural therapies, Dr. Moser travels the globe in search of highly effective herbal cures and treatments that have been used in remote parts of the world for centuries.

Top Health Breakthroughs

  • Urinary Biological Tracimetry (Test and graphing of nutritional profiles through urine)
  • Atomic Organ Sequencing (Unique sequencing of imbalances as they relate to organ health)
  • Bio Herbal Pellets (Herbal teas micro-spheronized)
  • Grains d'essence (Essential Oil micro-encapsulated)

Professional Experience

  • 1996 - current Chief Pharmacist, Homeopathy, Vitarich Laboratories Naples Florida
  • 1986 - 1995 CEO Moser-Farmatec Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1978 - 1987 Founded and directed the largest non-invasive medical facility in Nice, France
  • 2005 Proxergen helps immunize against aging, pain and disease. A Morinda Citrifolia based traditional food of Tahiti containing proxeronine with the ability to help rejuvenate cells, glands and organs of the body
  • 2005 The amazing P-Factor- The most significant medical discovery since DNA; Perfect pH helps the body to retard, even reverse the effects of aging
  • 2004 Canadian Elk Antler marrow rid arthritis pain
  • Flexagen helps melt away pain, re-mobilizes stiff, locked-up joints and promotes rapid long-term healing
  • 2003 Virinex increases testosterone up to 500%. New super virility hormone Discovered in Canada
  • 1982 Among the first to warn about overuse of antibiotics leading to resistant strains of disease Research on mineral Silver proves to be powerful alternative solution
  • 1981 Shark cartilage helps reverse cancer. Traveled to Africa to investigate this powerful supplement. Reported on its ability to reverse cancer growth without side effects
  • 1980 Aluminum linked to Alzheimers. Exposed this link and warned readers to avoid ingesting aluminum from cookware, deodorants and antacids


  • Doctor of Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Herbology and micro nutrition
  • Bachelor of Economic sciences (Business Administration)


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