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AHJ Staff

Our AHJ staff has a wide variety of interests but we all have one thing in common: Achieving optimal health through alternative solutions. We're grateful we can share our research and knowledge with you.

Sylvia is the lead writer for AHJ, and is excited to share alternative health information and news with AHJ readers. She credits not getting the flu for the past many years to her healthy, active lifestyle and balanced diet.
Bob Condor blogs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and weekend for Alternative Health Journal. 

Erin is the Editor of AHJ. Her healthy passions are yoga, chiropractic, and drinking red wine. In her spare time she likes to ride her bike on the beach. She fasts twice a year and takes supplements daily.

Catherine is a staff writer for AHJ specializing in Cancer, Heart health, Nutrition, and Women's health. She is a dietician and loves to shop at the farmer's market for fresh, local produce.
Rob is a staff writer for AHJ specializing in men's health, brain health, and diabetes. His favorite pasttime is cycling.

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