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Natural Cures: Cold sores

Witch Hazel, funny name but it works
Posted November 21, 2008
As soon as you realize you have a cold sore coming on, apply Witch Hazel to it with a Q-tips cotton swab. It will immediately stop the process and prevent the spread of the blisters. Apply Witch Hazel frequently, and healing time is shortened to a fraction of normal.n

Cold Sores: Take Lysine daily
Posted August 25, 2008
I you suffer from cold sores, like I used to, you can take L-Lysine , except if pregnant or nursing consult your doctor. I take two 500 mg tablets in the morning on an empty stomach and should take that amount at night, but often forget. I have had only one episode in the last year and then when I took my evening dose too it never became "full blown" and disappeared quickly.

St. John's Wort Oil works
Posted August 15, 2008
Apply St. John's Wort Oil, but because it is an essential oil, it is very concentrated so only a drop or two is needed. It contains tannins (which dry up a cold sore) but it is not a pain killer (even though it seems to calm the nervous system and thus decrease the sensation of pain). It is also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, and may be applied directly on areas where there is pain or inflammation.

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