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Natural Cures: Nighttime Leg Cramps

Pickle Juice helps Nighttime Leg Cramps
Posted October 08, 2008

A friend told me that her aunt keeps a jar of pickle juice (any kind) by her bed and when she has leg cramps she immediately drinks some. Miraculously the cramps go away, really fast. I have tried this and it works! Now my brother is keeping his jar of pickle juice close and told me thank you so much for telling him of this as it works for him too.

Ivory Soap - who would've thought!
Posted October 08, 2008

I suffered severe leg camps for many years and then I heard or read about soap. I use Ivory. Just put a couple of bars under your bottom sheet and thank heavens no more leg or foot cramps. Believe me , I have been free of the horrible cramps for about a year now.

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