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Newsletter Issue: Volume 101 - January 29, 2009

What Are Probiotics and Why You Need Them – Part 2

Probiotics -- whether they are dietary supplements or foods that contain live, non-disease-causing bacteria normally found in the body -- have been shown to provide numerous benefits to your overall health. There is currently great enthusiasm for foods that have probiotics due to these incredible health benefits, and this enthusiasm is evidenced by the amount of commercials on television promoting these foods. If you’re not familiar with probiotics, keep reading to find out some of the specific benefits you can gain from introducing probiotics into your diet.

Tone Your Brain with these Ancient Chinese Healing Exercises

You likely know Taoism. Maybe you don’t know that one of China’s great thinkers, Laozi, was its founder. It’s so long ago that no one can document it for certain, but Laozi also developed what he called “brain tonic” exercises. Centuries old, it still works today as a break at your computer screen. Keep reading for the step-by-step process to “tonify” your brain.

Don't Drink It: Diet Soda Puts Your Health in Danger

There are certain things on this earth that seem like a godsend. The wheel, cell phones, Astroturf . . .  the list goes on. In terms of foods and drinks, diet soda may seem like a godsend to some. After all, you get all (or most) of the taste without the calories. But is it really the next best thing since sliced bread? Not even close. Diet soda has been getting a bad rap for some time now, and emerging evidence against diet soda as a responsible choice continues to grow. Consider the following before the next time you hit the vending machine.

Hollywood's Latest Craze: How to Lose Weight with the Cookie Diet

One of the latest crazes in Hollywood and the diet industry is the “Cookie Diet.” The name alone has many dieters scrambling to get all the information on it that they can. Imagine being able to lose weight by eating cookies! But before you run to the store and start stocking up on your favorite brand of cookies, you need to know that the Cookie Diet deals with specially-formulated cookies. Let’s take a closer look . . .

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