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Pũr Sea: Anti-Aging Supplement

Pũr Sea: Anti-Aging SupplementI've been keeping abreast of nutrition checklists for years, so you can about imagine how excited I get when a new discovery occurs. The latest discovery is no exception: 4 Nobel Prizes winners have documented the complex bio-chemical role of "fucose" in proper cell-to-cell communication. Any kind of diet or product that works on the cellular level is important to me so I began to look into fucose. It appears Pũr Sea is one of the only super-pure forms of fucoidan, the life-extending, better-health nutrient of fucose.

What Is It?
Pũr Sea is an anti-aging product. It contains Laminaria Japonica, found naturally in seaweed and one of the most potent natural substances on earth. You may have heard how seaweed is good for your health. Well, with Pũr Sea you get almost 800 percent more concentrated Laminaria Japonica extract than fresh seaweed.

What Do They Say it Does?

Pũr Sea formula is water-extracted so your body absorbs all the natural goodness of literally pounds of fresh seaweed with no harsh solvents or other impurities common in most seaweed formulas.
Scientific research suggests that Pũr Sea may give you a wide range of health benefits, including:
•    More restful sleep – and a boost in energy
•    Ease joint discomfort
•    Healthy immune power
•    Healthy cell growth
•    Pain-free gastrointestinal function
•    Smoother, softer skin
•    A sharper memory

Main Ingredients: Fucose-rich Fucoidan (organic nova Scotian Fucus vesciculosus)
Other Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, crosscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and vegetable source coating.

What We Like
Well, anything with natural ingredients that give you 800 percent more power than raw seaweed is a start on the “like” side of things. Also, the pills are in tablet form – small, round and easy to swallow. There’s no bad taste or after-taste, and you only need one tablet daily.

What We Don’t Like
The only downfall it seems with this product is that you cannot take it if you are pregnant or lactating. Otherwise it’s a winner with us.

As always, check with your doctor before starting any new supplements because there are several options out there. For example, there's also Modifan, U-Fn, Best Fucoidan, and Fucoxanthin. Overall we think Pũr Sea is an effective anti-aging option, and we give it a 5 rating. To learn more about it, visit their website below.

Overall Product Rating:   

  Taste - easy to swallow, good texture
  Freshness - product expiration date
  Ingredients - fully listed or proprietary blend
  Packaging - look and feel of the label
  Guarantee - is there a return policy
  Security - does it mention not to use if seal is broken
  Value - reasonably priced per quantity

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